I just picked up an FE2 to add to my collection of film cameras. It is in exceptional cosmetic condition and seems to be working fine. I do have a couple of questions though,

1) Self timer - is it supposed to lock until you press the shutter button to start it going, or does it just start counting down when you let go? Mine just starts to count down. The mirror does lock up when you press the shutter button and does fire the shutter at the end. It also cancels properly if you push the lever back. ( exposure lock also works ).

2) Meter - the meter seems to mostly work as it should ( I shot a roll and all was fine ). What I notice is the black needle lags. I read some threads on the aperture resolver being dirty and such but the behavior I see is slightly different. Lets say a have a consistent light source I'm pointed at and with all things set, the needle is at 500, I pan away from the light and the needle drops, I pan back to the same light source ( has not changed ), but the needle stops about 1/2 stop short of 500. Jiggle the camera a bit and it makes it the rest of the way. the needle doesn't seem to be dragging on anything, its movements are smooth and not jumpy. I did remove the focusing screen to take a look and it does not look bent or out of shape in any way.