So far as I know, Essex Camera Services is still inactive as of today, March 20, 2013.

Here’s how the problem outlined in post #1 was resolved. I sent my Koni-Omega 58/5.6 Wide Omegon lens with the sticky shutter and a Rolleicord with sticky shutter and a film wind-lock that frequently refused to unlock to Dave’s Camera Repair of Chelsea, Michigan.

This was sent by US Postal Service on the morning of Wednesday, March 13. On the afternoon of Thursday, March 14 Dave Easterwood called with the repair estimate. I posted the payment within an hour. On Tuesday, March 19 a UPS truck delivered a box to my home from Dave’s Camera Repair. Both the Koni-Omega lens and the Rolleicord were in the box restored to health.

Dave Easterwood used to live about 1.5 miles from me. I took cameras for service to his house in those days. Now he’s about 60 miles to the west in Chelsea, Michigan.

Dave’s Camera Repair
77 Cambridge Court
Chelsea, MI 48118