Michael, this is exactly my sentiment, but you are a good few steps ahead of me, having looked into this already. I am grateful you are willing to share your knowledge, thank you for that. As you may have noticed from some of my recent threads, there is a lot of "feeling" in the community, but near-zero actual fact-based, first-hand knowledge of what the chemistry may be. While I am surprised to find that state of affairs, I should not be, considering what you just wrote.

I suppose I have a bit of energy, and some drive, to get a few neutral fixer experiments done, and that is why I am stocking up on wisdom, first, as much as I can. I'll report how things work out. Unfortunately, whatever I come up with, will just work for me, my water, my paper, my process... I have no chemical engineering skills to generalise any of my minor discoveries.

Sepia Hawk, thank you for the suggestion about the pricing site.