This is an exceptionally nice Mamiya 645 Pro kit with three lenses and more.

Lenses are: 55/2.8, 80/2.8 and 150/3.5. All are N series and include UV filters and 2 hoods. Glass is clean with no haze, fungus or scratches. Barrels are in the same condition. F&R caps for two and front for lens on body.

Film back w/dark slide

AE prism finder
WLF w/Sports finder & screen

Power winder/grip
Manual crank film advance

Adapter for mechanical cable release

Magnifier for prism vf. Great for precise focusing.

Neck strap w/proper hooks.

Printed (pdf) manuals

All are in excellent +++ optical, mechanical and cosmetic condition. No issues, no blemishes and no excuses.
I recently sent this to Advance Camera Repair in Portland, Oregon for check up and a repair to the mirror adjustment/stop mechanism. The mirror was adjusted for correct focus and was cleaned.

This is a truly superb kit and may be the nicest used 645 Pro kit you will find.
If interested, more pics and info are available.
$675, net to me. US/Canada only sales at this time.
Please excuse the dust in pics.