Mind you, I have nothing against rich color where it's warranted. But color perception is a complex thing,
and too much sugar at once simply numbs your taste buds, so to speak. Any idiot can punch a PS slider
and get loud noise. What takes skill is preserving nuances. These might include relatively saturated
elements along with any number of things. I'm not advocating chromatic mush. Astia was certainly not
a perfect film (there never will be one), but it was a very high quality product. Most photographers
simply expected a vibrant look on a lightbox, just like a slideshow of old, without understanding what
happens when you actually print something. Now nodoby gives a damn because they figure they can
just dip the shot in sugar, honey, saccharine, and jam afterwards. Astia simply didn't sell well. What a
shame. Only E100G was remotely similar, and now its gone too. But Astia could be hypothetically resurrected if the demand was there.