A complete 4x5 system here -

Minty Polaroid 110b conversion w/Rodenstock 127mm f4.7 lens in Prontor shutter. Clear clean glass & aperture blades. Speeds sound on target, bellows are supple and light-tight.
Rangefinder is bang-on and the body is scratch/dent free. Overall, a very minty way to shoot large format as easily as you can hand-hold a camera. A nice touch is the built-in pinhole cover in the swinging lens cap.

INCLUDED: ND filter and original instruction book. Also included is a CD with instructions on re-setting/recalibrating the rangefinder, should that need ever arise.
And hey, look at that spiffy retro original leather case. A handy way to cart this around.

ALSO INCLUDED: Beseler rotary drum base and 2 Simma brand tubes for processing sheet film. This works great but I am just too big a fan of slosher trays. I also have a 4x5 hard rubber tank system with hangars, so this is just overkill.

And if that weren't enough - I'll include 5 newer plastic Riteway 4x5 film holders. (Yes there's only 2 in the picture but you're getting 5) AND 2 unopened boxes of 4x5 black-and-white film: FP4+ and some Chinese ERA film (100 ASA). Both are expired by a year or so but have been kept refridgerated.

And I'll toss in a Polaroid 4x5 holder as well. I used it for a bit of the old Type 55 - not sure if it fits any new Fuji or Impossible product. Average condition cosmetically but works fine.

TOTAL: $1000 plus shipping. The rotary base might be pretty hard/costly to ship overseas so keep that in mind.

NO I will not split this up. Why? Because I'm a meanie, I guess. Also I have too much 4x5 gear around and I have a line on a Fuji G617 I'd use more.
I think this is fair and you'll get literally everything you need to start shooting right away. I also already have a Crown Graphic that suits me just fine for any LF shooting I do.

I'm hesitant to sell this camera, because it's in just brilliant condition. Any questions, please ask!