Hi there,
I'm planning to use liquid emulsion on a 9ft colorama in order to get a approximately a 9x12 ft photosensitive area.
For what I mean to do spraying seems the best way to apply a coat of emulsion.
I do have some questions though.

- I'm planning to dilute the emulsion with some clear methylated spray, around I read that the suggested ratio would be 600ml of spirit for a litre of emulsion, any chance that I can dilute more?

- How much diluted emulsion you think I should have to cover such a big area?

- I'd like to use one of those high pressure sprayers used in gardening, they create a nice mist and I believe that would be optimal to spread an even coat, but I'm afraid that the emulsion could get in contact with some metal part, any suggestion for a sprayer that could fit the job?

Looking forward to get your input!