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Mixing your own C-41: Using what seems to be a solid C-41 developer formula, and the chemicals available at http://www.artcraftchemicals.com, I determined it would cost about $100 to make enough developer to develop about 45 rolls. IIRC, that sucks up the CD-4 developer in its entirety and you will have various amounts of the other chemicals left over. So, let's call it $2/roll with no fixer, bleach, or stabilizer.
I beg to disagree with this statement. CD4 is about $25 for 100g. There are about 5g/L of developer, so 100g makes almost 20 liters. Each liter should be good for at least 5 or 6 36 exp 35mm rolls, so 100g CD4 would be enough for close to 120 rolls. The only other relatively expensive chemical in C41 developer is hydroxylamine sulfate, of which 2g/L is used. I would guesstimate the developer only cost at closer to 50 cents a roll than $2 if mixing it yourself. Maybe you meant to say $45 for 100 rolls, not $100 for 45 rolls?

And I am sure you could get a lot more than 5 or 6 rolls per liter. I just stop there because home brewed developer is cheap and there is no need to be too frugal, especially with important images.