We are in the internet age, and even so I doubt I am smart enough to find Sudek on my own, guidance by wonderful teachers at a critical point in my life opened my eyes to a broader scope of current and past artists that I would never have found on my own.
Even though my career has panned out pretty well, and yes a lot of self taught , school of hard knocks have gone on, the best info I get is by informed mentors who help guide me through the useless info on the net.
I wish I could have just stayed on at a University after my three years of practical photo school and got as much background/guidance before I started my journey down the wormhole we call photography. I think I made every dam mistake possible. I would also include a heavy dose of business courses, and chemistry as well to help in future years , running a small business.
I respect those here with their MFA, PHD's for their dedication to get the degrees.

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A knowledge of Josef Sudek's work is available through other means than a photography program. Furthermore, I wouldn't surprised if there are plenty of photo BA/BFA/MFA's floating around who have no idea who he is at all-- or perhaps know the name, but wouldn't have the first clue as to what his work is like (much less how to imitate it).

Knowledge and skill are things that, ultimately, one gives to oneself.