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Yes I agree, but my point is if you are the photographer with less knowledge about photography styles than the art director you are at a severe disadvantage in your negotiations or even possibliity of landing the job.
This has in no way ever affected my ability to land a contract, assignment or sale, the number one reason in 100% of the cases of my ability to get work as a photographer has been the level of talent shown in my portfolio. In simple terms, show better work than your competition in a market that highly values that quality and you can set your terms, your price and people will talk. I am only now getting around to launching a new website after not having one for 7 years and I have been very busy over that time frame.

There is a very good reason that not everyone that has been an ace at marketing or went to Brooks is earning a living at photography and that reason is whether or not a high level of talent and vision is shown in the work.