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With photo school and art school being more and more expensive, does it make sense to get a photographic education while there are few jobs for photographers? Is it just better just to assist to learn the profession? Is a degree in photography the "ticket" for a career?
in art school and photo school the student is surrounded 24/7 by art and photography.
they are getting "direction" and learning how to overcome their weaknesses and magnify their strengths.
no degree or assistantship is a ticket for a career, the person has to have motivation.
without motivation a degree in anything, or an assistantship in anything is just that, a degree and assistantship.
years ago there was a radio show i was listening to. it was a panel of deans of universities ... the show had to do with
university / college education and what it was worth. there were countless people who called and said
they went to a prestigious college and had a crap job, and it was the university's fault they had no career.
the people took no responsibility at all for their choices and they failed to recognize that a university gives
a student the opportunity to learn, to work with others with mutual interests &c, it was not necessarily
the ticket to a $100,000 / year job.

art / photo school are the same thing. they give the opportunity to learn &c but they don't necessarily mean

right on vaughn !

a ticket to success.