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I mentioned earlier in this thread a book from Adams titled "40 photographs and how I created them", it is actually entertaining to read because he was candid about the mistakes he made along the way in making images and he goes from the pre-planning through printing. You might enjoy the book.
I found that book to be incredibly useful. Seeing how he approached the image, helped see how he approached the development and application of the zone system.

After gaining an understanding of the basics from the chapters in The Negative on exposure and the zone system, re-reading Examples, I was able to find more meaning nad information in the stories. I was also able to follow along with his common reference points for placements, which added a layer to the growing knowledge.

I think the basics he taught will be more approachable for anyone if they understand that it's smaller processes, leading to the final image. That's why the books seem to be the way they are. First learn your camera, then learn about light and film, then learn exposure, then work on the zone system. With those basics, printing can be grasped more readily, as can the larger overall process.

For DF, it can be learned easily, if you try it bite sized stages, and learn from the many helpful souls here.