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"Cool" doesn't begin to describe that ascorbic-based Neutol Plus / Forte combination. It was as blue as a cyanotype. I never tried Neutol Plus with Multigrade Warmtone fiber, but would very much like to.

Connect Chemicals, current owner of the business that still manufactures Neutol WA and Neutol NE (under the names "Print WA" and "Print NE"), apparently also offers Neutol Plus as "Print Plus." See here:

I've written to Freestyle asking whether it would consider importing Print Plus but have not received a response yet. I'll update this thread if/when Freestyle answers.
Yes Sal, that is actually very true! It was shocking how blue it was. I use Ascorbic Acid print developers (E-72 based) all the time, but I have never run into anything like that again. I wonder what the difference was.

If it wasn't so expensive I would get some of that delivered here. It is too bad Freestyle doesn't import it. maybe I will email them about it.

If anyone knows what causes it to be so cold, please speak up! I would appreciate it.