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I shot with the first generation 70-200 VR also but I really didn't have any issues. I think the softness in corner "thing" is a bit blown up out in the true Internet fashion. Who really places important subject way in the corner anyway??
Exactly. I should probably keep my mouth shut since I haven't used either version of the lens in question, but I have a hard time believing the first gen is a dog. It isn't a DX lens; plenty of people were still shooting film when it was released, and it sold extremely well. I think people started complaining around the time the D3x came out which unfortunately made it possible to examine corners in an unprecedented, unhealthy way.

Thom Hogan's review states that while the new version is indeed sharper, the focus breathing is much worse (paraphrasing).

I agree with what others above have stated about how lenses behave differently on digital than on film. All of my old lenses perform better on film than on my D200 (which was/is notoriously picky), but I've never known the opposite to be true.