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For more fun, get the rediculously light but fully modern N75. I even used some of my "G" lens on mine and had a blast with them (again, why have one when you can have two or more)....

Bob E.
I LOVED my N75; in my opinion, it's even better than the N80. To this day the N75 is the only modern camera on which I actually learned how the damned multiple autofocus sensors worked and was able to use them properly. I also love how the film winds all the way to the end after you load it and then unwinds as you shoot.

Unfortunately, I dropped my N75 out of a truck (I thought the shoulder strap was on but it wasn't) and then took it apart. You can get the camera wet because everything is plastic, even the pentaprism and the wind/rewind gears!

I've not used the N90, but I've heard one should avoid the non-s version, is there any merit to that?