I have recently acquired a Photo Therm Sidekick for personal use, and I want to get reliable and repeatable C-41 results from it. To that end I bought myself a X-rite 810 off of eBay and today the transmission calibration standard I ordered from X-Rite arrived so I calibrated the densitometer (hopefully) and ran 4 35mm reels in the 4 reel tank for the Sidekick with a Kodak C-41 test strip on each reel. I am using Kodak Flexicolor SM chemicals. I ran 4 actual rolls of C-41 through it yesterday and scanned them on my HR-500+ scanner and the negatives scanned just fine. But still... I wanted to verify that my process was within tolerance. Unless I am doing my math incorrectly, I am WAY out of tolerance. So now I am quite confused where to start.

Channel Reference Strip
+ Correction Factors
Test Strip
Yellow Blue 2.91 2.72
D-max Blue 3.00 2.81
HD Red 1.35 0.89
'' Green 1.78 1.35
'' Blue 2.25 1.90
LD Red 0.56 0.52
'' Green 1.00 0.89
'' Blue 1.30 1.28
Dmin Red 0.22 0.40
'' Green 0.63 0.83
'' Blue 1.00 0.97

Basically only the blue readings are remotely correct. My HD values appear to be way out of whack. The test strips have been cold stored in my fridge and the canister was just opened this morning. I notice now the expiration date was in 2012 ... that can't explain this hugely errant test strip result can it? I checked and adjusted the bath temperature to heat to 100.0F using a digital fever thermometer as well as a dial thermometer for color darkroom processing.