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ps; in the other thread, I suggested a replenished fixer, which would really be the only sensible way to handle things commercially, where effluents are regulated.
Mr Bill, I am thankful for you pointing out the fixer replenishment aspects. My research, so far, however, shows that unless one replaces a considerable volume of the used fixer, replenishment only works in conjunction with a de-silvering process in place, such as can be done in automated processors. If you are, however, of the opposite opinion, that is you have experience of replenishers which can be added without de-silvering the fixer, or without having to remove a significant portion of it, I would like to learn more. Perhaps it would be better to post back on those two threads, or maybe start a new one, so as to make others aware of our discussion, but I am eager to learn no matter how you would like to share your experience and knowledge. Many thanks, either way.