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I'm sad to hear the decline of service/sales at Pro Photo. For the longest time they were always helpful and had what I needed in stock. Haven't been there in many years.

Blue Moon was always exceptional as well.
I was just in Portland's Pro Photo yesterday. Walking by and decided to check in. The cold walk in film room was gone and just a glass front fridge. The only sheet film was 4x5 Tmax 100 or some Fuji color. All the Ilford and Kodak stuff was there though in small quantities. I even saw some Rollei film there for 12 dollars a roll.
They had most the sizes and surfaces of Ilford paper.
In the used camera case lots of stuff. Lots of Nikon film cameras and several Leicas. Even a Rollei 3.5 Automat in very nice condition.
Most the store is dedicated to ink printers and digital cameras and accessories.