I have a question for you .

In the large scheme of things, and lets take your own personal net worth aside. What do you think the average working salary per year of a professional photographer is.?

I believe the number is quite staggering low. This profession has way too many unqualified people calling themselves photographers and polluting the market place.
I think the degrees in someway open other doors for those who may not have your talent.

I do get the idea that the cream rises to the top , and talent is what gets you there, but from my perspective of 35 years of dealing directly with thousands of photographers, a solid education helps some transition to other avenues of financial support to continue producing their personal work.

The photographers that seem to get to the top have schooling, just need to look at Bios and CV's to figure that out. Yes there are exceptions but in my home town this seems to be the rule and Toronto just became the fourth largest city in North America so the numbers are pretty strong to judge from.

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I am just curious, knowing the market is contracting with tons of very talented competition and filling up with amateurs who just want to pay for their hobby or have ego-centric bragging rights to a now near-worthless prize of a "Photo Credit", what is your motivation?