I suspect I know the final answer here ("get a CLA") but I figured I would put these issues to the people first.

I have a Rolleiflex Automat MX (K4A) from 1953. I've had it about a year and use it quite regularly, running at least a couple rolls through it every week. It's in semi-rough condition (worn leatherette, a few nicks, etc.) and I suspect it hasn't been serviced in decades, if ever. I've been very happy with its performance until the last couple months, when two issues arose.

The main issue is loading. It generally performs flawless, but more and more frequently it's been having trouble properly detecting the film. Sometimes this results in it winding through a whole role without locking, sometimes it incorrectly sets the counter to a number over "1" after a fresh roll is put in (usually it jumps all the way to "10," even when it's on it's first frame). I initially assumed that this was a user error on my part, but no matter how scrupulously I load, there is a chance of this problem. I was living with it peacefully until it resulted in trashing my final roll of Delta 3200 last night, preventing me from taking photographs in the lowlight situation I was in, and I decided it wasn't worth putting up with anymore.

The second problem (perhaps not a problem at all), is image softness. I'd always been happy with the results from the camera, until I recently acquired a Hasselblad 500c with the 120mm S-Planar. I know that the S-Planar should be sharper than the Tessar on my Rollei, but the disparity is remarkable. So much so that I've become a little concerned there may be some kind of issue with the Rollei's lens. I am asking for peoples thoughts on this front, because I don't want to run the Rolleiflex through a costly CLA if it has inherent lens issues-- I am guessing at that point my money would be better spent picking up a 80mm for the Hasselblad and shelving the Rollei for the time being.

Many thanks for your time, thoughts and expertise!