A few fortunate photographers can grasp in a year or two what Blansky says takes 20 years. Most never really get it. Some artists in the abstract and complex field of music displayed mature talent in their teens: Mozart, Schubert, Bizet, and Rossini for example. The artist Aubrey Beardsley had a mere quarter century to develop and promote a distinct style. Such artists built on the creations of their predecessors via schooling. Today's schools can do as much for the future. Of course it is relevant to teach students H&D curves to provide them with the understanding of photographic technique of the past century so they can best project their own interpretation of that technique in these times. In my lifetime photography has dramatically evolved: Kodachrome, automatic exposure, electronic flash, instant prints, auto focus and exposure, and of course digital photography. Understanding these revolutions enables us to at least provide a continuity with the past in our own works. Perhaps a few of today's photographers can also add that spark of genius like Beethoven did for music, Ford did for automobiles, Beardsley did for art, and Ansel Adams did for photographic technique. These photographers will continue to revolutionize imagery in the future. The rest of us can struggle to keep up.