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It is rare that I would consider disagreeing with Doremus, but ... If the filter is a dichroic filter, it is an interference filter that won't fade. They do, however, become less effective if they become dirty.

Please continue to disagree with and correct me whenever you see fit! Thanks for the heads up. I have done a bit of research on dichroic filters and the technology behind them and now know that they will not fade since the color of the filter is inherent in the interference characteristics of the coatings.

If you hadn't posted, I would not have read the articles on dichroism and thin-film interference.


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The reason you can not get to maximum contrast with a color head is because the magenta of the color head is different than the magenta of a VC filter. ... You can add a zillion dichroic filters and it won't affect the maximum contrast because it won't change the filter's cutoff.

To get more contrast you need to place a real #5 VC filter in the light path.
Amen to this.