I couldn't disagree more! I don't mean to say the Harman and Fuji booths were unenjoyable, but what Tim does with the Kodak booth is amazing!

Last year and this year the Kodak booth has been the highlight of my trip! Tim is the man. He was also willing to chat. Now it may mean you have to wait a minute for the masses, but he always greeted me with a smile, remembered my name, and took the time to explain the questions I had. Plus free film! you really can not go wrong with that! I don't think I saw one person walk away from the Kodak booth without a smile!

I personally enjoy the kodak booth for the knowledge of the film, Tim's focus is film. And on top of that he seems to be a great overall guy! If the Kodak booth were to disappear, my life just might fall into shambles.

Montana State will definitely continue to stand by Tim and Kodak!