Really? Here in Perth we have Churchill Colour Laboratories who do 4x5 Cibachromes. Its no more expensive than using any other film. Theyre also one of the few places in the world (apparently Ive heard), that have worked out how to do Digital Cibachromes.

Well done Cibachromes just trounce anything else available. Analog or Digital, you can't beat the wet process. I'd question the eyes or skills of anyone who says otherwise.

In the shop window they had a 4 metre (approx 14 feet) wide by 1 metre horizontal print. Stunning.


Heres the address for any aussies, though I know a large proportion of their business is international.

Churchill Colour Laboratories
80 CHurchill Avenue
Subiaco W.A. 6008
Ph: 61-8-9381-9688