Kindly need one of you guys to help me to double check on camera function on a Electro 35 GSN. If anyone is up for it...

When you use the Electro 35 GSN, Depress the shutter button, is there a spot where you depress it enough, where you can use the over and under light at the same time?

The Electro 35 GSN I just got, depress the shutter button a little, I can get the Over exposed light usable at first, But the under light wouldn't come on even though I purposely underexposing the scene. However, when I depress the button more, now only the Under light is usable but not the over exposed light.

Is this normal comparing to yours? Is the button supposed to be "2 stages". Figure I asked before i further investigate the switch assembly, don't feel like peeling off the vinyl if I don't have to, the pad is fine, it is 2mm exact ( i tore it out to check ), previous owner must had it worked on.

Thank you!