I have found the manual in dutch I thinki, by googling 'lici color star'. Not the clearest, but it will get you started.

It is a single channel analyser/timer.

Make a print you like the density and colour balance of, presuming we are printing RA-4.

Set the meter cell on an area you want to use as your reference, or diffuse the whose scene near the lens, so you are metering something close to grey.

Without changing any filtration or time of exposure, set the device to analyse, and adjust the potentiometers until the color star display is extingushed, and the time matches the time you exposed the good reference print for.

Move the anayser mode to to store these values.

Push expose and the enlarger socke of the timer/anayser will come on for the diaplyed amount of time.

Probably a good idea to do the set up with no safe light.
Then you can see how much it might mess you up if you leave it on for subsequent analysis sessions.

Happy experimenting.