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If the parts are overly worn or any evidence or rust, or if the lens is scratched or has fungus sell it for whatever you can get with an accurate description. If not send it to a GOOD Rollei tech and get a complete overhaul done. Treated right after that and you'll have an awesome camera for years. And trust me on this (from one who speaks from direct experience) do NOT skimp on who does the CLA, get it done by a Rollei specialist. More $? Yes. Better deal in the medium to long run? Absolutely.
Good advice on the "who" does the CLA. I had my 3.5 F CLA'ed about 5 years ago by Bill Maxwell (Maxwell Precision Products) in the Atlanta area. Bill also has a line of replacement focusing screens that you might want to upgrade to at the same time. I didn't have a focus issue like you are having but I recall Bill verified the taking lens focus with the viewing lens as part of his service package. Bill and Harry Fleenor (did I spell that correctly) on the W Coast are apparently buddies, if that says anything professionally.

Good Luck!
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