Thanks guys for your helpful responses. I do have the Z131 manual but my initial test strips were so far off the mark that I didn't know where to begin. I ran a new run this morning with fresh developer and I got better, but still not in process control, results. The only other thing that went differently yesterday was that with the Sidekick it does a pre-soak with tempered water and the machine had an error loading the developer to heat and so the pre-soak went on for several additional minutes. I know Photo Engineer advocates a pre-soak in rotary processors, but I don't know if PE has ever mentioned whether an excessive pre-soak could cause issues.

The new numbers I got today, after doing the math to get values-aim are:

Parameter Channel Value-Aim
Dmax-Y B -0.02
HD-LD R -0.07
'' G -0.02
'' B -0.12
LD R -0.02
'' G -0.08
'' B 0.05
Dmin R 0.00
'' G 0.00
'' B -0.01

I have also ordered fresh control strips from Minilab/Liberty Photo but those might not come till next Wednesday since apparently they ship them on ice on Mondays.