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What's your goal? You said it's probably the lens you "need".... how did you determine that? Do you have a chance to borrow or rent one? I did before I made my purchase.
I'm shooting cycling sports, objects and people are flying. Lighting conditions are often far from ideal, only sometimes is flash okay. I want a focusing speed improvement over the 105 DC on the F5; I would ideally like an f/2 lens, but Nikon just doesn't make anything in the 100-180 range that is a fast (focusing) prime. The 85 1.8 I think is mostly too short, and the 200 f2 (besides costing >$5k) is mostly too long. I'm considering just sticking it out with the 105, I like what I get with it; I just wonder if I could get a shot at those "moments in between." I can rent a VR II and probably will this weekend.