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Clive, then you must be out of touch I am obviously not referring to you, or myself for that matter, but most digital shooters, (which make up the vast majority of Leica buyers these days) buy fast lenses to shoot them wide open all the time. If you care to check most sharing sites, you will see what I mean. I'm telling you, it's epidemic

Just ask ANYONE who owns the new Noctilux .95 ($11,000) and ask them why they bought it. I bet you the $11,000 that the answer is not because they can't shoot at ungodly speeds when there is no light, but because they like to put a ND10 in front of it and shoot it at high noon in full sun at .95 to get that "bokah"
just go to flickr and search welder's goggles filter

but the bookqua is so nice at .95!