What about the Lomography people - they are supposed to have secured their own production - perhaps they have got access to the Lucky colour facilities? There is also a 35mm colour film called Sunny emanating from China in 100 & 200 ISO speeds. The box & canister is quite different from Lucky so it's not clear who makes that. Even more intriguing, I recently came across a 35mm colour print film with the strange name of My Heart. It can be got from sellers in China on ebay, but it's not necessarily made there. I purchased three rolls but not yet used them. The film offers 27 exposures, 200 ISO and surprisingly is not DX coded. Everything on the box is in English but no manufacturer or country of origin is given. Again the canister differs from those used by Sunny & Lucky so maybe there is yet another mystery manufacturer? Maybe it emanates from the rumoured facility in North Korea? Some N.Korean products apparently find their way to the Chinese market. I just hope the film is frame numbered! But I don't suppose any of these people, whoever they are, will be stepping in Fuji's shoes to supply private label films!