Very unique Series VI Kodak Hood with push-on 42mm Series VI adapter. This will directly provide a good hood for the Canon Serenar 50mm F1.9 Collapsible Leica thread mount lens. With a series VI threaded ring, one can also use series VI filters easily with the push-on adapter (with or without the hood). It probably works as well with other vintage lenses that have external 42mm front diameters, but I couldn't for the life of me tell you which models these are! Price: $20 plus shipping

Prinz film cutting guide. Sealed and new. This is a copy of the notoriously expensive Leica ABLON, but just as good and much cheaper. It provides a rugged metal template to trim film to just the right leader shape for Barnack-type bottom loading rangefinders. There is also a metal tongue opposite the Barnack guide end to trim the correct cutting shape to the end of bulk film to load a (Leica brand presumably) film canister. Nice item for a complete rangefinder collection. Price: $30 plus shipping

Nicely made chrome LTM->M adapter ring. Will bring up 35-135mm frame lines on Leica M models that support that feature. Boxed as shown. Price: $12 plus shipping

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