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I think you are all a bit patronizing here, why does she deserve to be laughed of, just because she got a creative preference and confuse the terms a bit?
Afraid not... She is 20 and believes the best photos are made at f1.8 and believes she needs a 1.4 for better photos still.
She may grow... I have just made an observation that she thinks she thinks she has figured out the secret to all great photos.
Every photo on her card was made a 1.8. She says she's not going to be a "program shooter" I set my lens manually to 1.8.

I was so bummed with her arrogance and confidence in her abilities that I don't think I feel like taking her under my wing.
I told her to hold off on the 1.4 purchase, "that's not what I read". Her other lens is a 50mm f2.8 macro. "for detail shots".

I was just musing in a depressed manner that younger folks think all they have to do is "follow someones" web blog and do what they say to do and that is it.

I always thought the larger aperture lenses came along with the SLR's for easier low-light focusing and image rendering on Tr-x. A 105 1.8 was needed to make basketball photos in the day as not even a pro arena was lit well for a 105 2.5