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Lenses could be made a lot cheaper by leaving out the shutter blades, and all that extra hardware. The lens could also be made much lighter. The complicated mechanisms could be left out, and just use faster shutter speeds. This could make those ultra-fast lenses available to the rest of us. Also, good idea about the welding goggles, as I have a pair somewhere that I may be able to adapt to the purpose.
You know, I've had a couple of those "ultra fast" lenses. Without exception, the only reason I could find to use them wide-open is to get a photograph that cannot be made any other way - that is in very low light. The 50/1.4 Zuiko at 1.4 was soft and mushy around a semi-sharp central zone, and all the highlights had reddish halos. The 50/1.2 Canon in Leica m39 was just lousy wide open. The 50/1.2 Nikkor wasn't much good either. The 50 1.4 Nikkor was by far the best of the lot, but I sold the camera it was on - the original bill of sale said it and the camera were a unit. I now use the 50/2 Nikkor H lenses as my fast 50s, they do everything I need done, and have none of the aberrations (wide open) the faddists go gaga over.