My first time listing in the classifieds. I have bought and sold over at the Large Format Photography Forum for years (user ID - Randy) and on ebay for many years (user ID - ransel).

Anyway, selling some gear for a long time photography buddy. He has pretty much gone all digital.

F2 Body in very good condition. Shutter works great, very few use marks, the only sign of being bumped is a very, very slight shallow 2-3mm dent on the left side of the prism finder and a 1mm scratch in the black paint on the finder near the dent. Don't know if it is visible in any of the pics. Leatherette is like new and no brassing or paint loss that I can see anywhere on the camera.

The problems:

1 - The meter needle is erratic. As I was adjusting the aperture the needle was jumpy. I don't know if this is due to lack of use (camera has sat for a few years) but I don't know if I would trust it until doing some testing.

2 - The prism finder removal lever that is on the right side of the prism (that black lever you turn to remove the meter) is broken off. I think you can still remove the prism by the use of a small screwdriver, used to turn the screw where the lever mounts (see pic).

3 - Probably needs new mirror damping foam. Not sure about the film door seals. They may be OK.

Other than that, the camera looks and operates just fine. Including the black leather case in nice condition.

$160 - We will absorb shipping and paypal fees in the US. Will ship outside US at cost.

Pics can be seen here