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Does any body have any experience our thoughts on this issue? Am I (as I fear) starting to enter lost-cause territory here?
I think you have basically 2 options:

1- Get Hasselblad 80mm lens and go with a SLR kit.

2- Send the Rollei to a repair facility, with the first question being the focus issue. A competent repair tech can probably quickly determine if the focus issue is terminal. The CLA is a given at this point, related to $s, it is more a case of can the focus issue be resolved.

The cost of the repairs/CLA for the Rollei probably are equal to the lens purchase, and if you go the CLA route with the Rollei you should do yourself the favor of upgrading the focus screen, so likely all-in more than buying the 80mm. It may come down to your desire to continue with the TLR experience vs. the SLR. I own both a TLR and SLR (SLX) Rollei, they are a totally different shooting experience in practice.

Good Luck!

FL Guy