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I was just musing in a depressed manner that younger folks think all they have to do is "follow someones" web blog and do what they say to do and that is it.
vpwphoto --
its the way of the world now. i remember when i was just starting out
i got my hands on one of those "black books" ... thumbed through it listening to cheezy 80s music
there were names and images of pro shooters in there, their best work. some were
2-3 page spreads that must have cost a small fortune for them to have published.

nowadays everyone thinks they are a pro, and is a self published expert
with a tumbler and flickr page, and they often go on their blog and blather on about
how they shot a wedding over the weekend wide open and hdr and documentary style
with no narrative and they got paid their 150$ upfront, and got the gig from craigs list or guru.com ... gotta love it !

i don't think the booquet craze is gonna run its course anytime soon.