If you're looking at this, you probably know what this is. One of the early Yashica bayonet-mounts. Very simple and reliable. When I got it about three years ago, it had a slightly bent film door. I waited a while but found an NOS one, and replaced it last year. I replaced the light seals about four months ago. It looks almost new and everything works as it should. Shutter is actually quieter than its successor, the FX-3.

It was designed for a mercury battery. You can use a silver-oxide (44) and adjust your ISO accordingly, or you can use zinc-air batteries, which put the meter right on but don't last as long. I'll include a package of the zinc-air batteries. Also including the case, which is in decent condition. Still very useable.

$60 shipped in the CONUS or trade for a soviet LTM body.