Well, zeroed the meter, put a fresh battery in, and gave the Luna a go. Compared it against the three 35mm SLR's I have that have built in meters (Pentax MX, MeSuper, and Canon AE-1) and it tended to not come within a couple of stops of any of them using reflected metering in any setting that had decent contrast. Am I assuming correctly that the Gossen is metering a larger area, thus a larger "average", than the center weighted meters of the SLR's? If I'm up very close, say within a couple of feet of a uniformly lit surface the Gossen was more likely to come close or match the SLR's. One thing that was curious is that it matched an old Nikon D40 dslr set on matrix metering and the same iso every time without fail. Although I've never used a handheld meter before I'm assuming that with reflected readings I will have to adjust my exposure mentally to try and capture what I want since the Gossen reads such a wide area. Incident readings may work fairly well in my location since it's flat, no trees, and the sun tends to hit everything the same way. Any suggestions or advice you may want to provide will be gratefully accepted.