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Although, if she is indeed a Canon-shooter, the two 50's cannot be shot wide-open really, as they (at least the f1.4) become both soft and rather strange at those apertures (halo-effects on in-focus objects and also on objects that are out of focus).
As I recall, the 1.8 isn't too bad wide open. Of course it's not as sharp that way as when stopped down a bit, but I don't remember seeing objectionable halos from it.

There's a lot of superstition about bokeh, but at least I can see where ultra-shallow DOF can be an aesthetic choice. It might be one of those things like infrared film, where people have a tendency to go crazy for it at first experience, then eventually get bored with the novelty and take a more balanced perspective.

I'd be lying shamelessly if I claimed never to have gone in for the wide-open macro shot across a map or a sheet of music; they're cliches but they're kinda fun anyway.