Despite all the stereotypes, there is plenty of evidence that AA did not rigidly follow his own "previsualization" theory. Like most of us, he simply wanted a reasonably versatile negative which
he could later fool around with in various ways till he got what he wanted. I once shared a big two-man
with AA, namely, the biggest collection of "mural"-sized prints of his (actually, 40x60's) assembled in a
public showing up to that point, and believe me, he printed the negs in an entirely different manner than he would have done in a 16X20 print - a lot more poetic, and a lot less contrasty theatrical. In his
own words, there is more than one way to render a musical score. Maybe Minor White made a religion
out of this stuff - he was a great photographer, but otherwise a total kook. I mean, really, the Zone
System is just a toolbox - you pick and choose what you actually need.