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Thank you, both you gentlemen. You've made up my mind, as it was in 1974--stay away from the Rodinal. "A lot more grain", says StoneNYC. I was rather well afraid based on my experience 40 years ago that the little bottle of over-potent salt-and-pepper would turn my 120 Plus-X into 35mm Royal-X, and it sounds like it would. I'm afrain it's back to bread-and-water D-76 for me, now that Microdol is gone. Thank you for clarifying. I'm not sure of how to be a subscriber, but for me if it involves money, my daily life is already making me old before my time on that.
Rodinal will introduce grain compared to standard development in D-76. I use a lot of Rodinal as well as a fair amount of D-76. There are ways to reduce the amount of grain you will get by developing in Rodinal but it will still be there to some extent. Personally I usually don't mind grain so I use a bunch of the "salt and pepper", but if I need to print big, and don't want grain, I stay away from Rodinal.