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Is the incident light dome moved away from the sensor?

Have you checked to make sure that the EV exposure modification scale set to zero?

The manual for the meter indicates the measuring angle of the sensor (30 degrees) in reflective mode.

The manual itself is available on the Gossen site under the international (outside the USA) name for the meter: Profisix

Here is a link: http://www.gossen-photo.de/pdf/ba_profisix_e.pdf
Dome was moved to side for reflected readings.

EV scale was set to zero.

First thing I did when I received it was download the manual and read it several times It was a little obtuse for someone with no knowledge of using a handheld meter, but after a couple of times reading through it I think I have the basics.

All the film SLR's were within a stop of each other if not exactly the same. I think the difference between the cameras and the Gossen is the way in which they meter as far as how much of the subject they're looking at?

Probably the only way to truly tell is to shoot a roll through each camera taking duplicate shots (one with the in camera meter then the next with the Gossen settings) and see which seems to work better for me?