Of course he did ... there are plenty of examples of that too, starting with his early red filter Half Dome
shot. He was beginning to previsualize what was going to happen in the print. Didn't you read my post?
I think I've been exposed to a helluva lot more of his work than you have, even though I could hardly
be called one of his disciples! Of course, you could always contact one of his former assistants like John Sexton or Alan Ross for a more accurate clarification of his use of such terminology than anything
I could provide. I see the son in law of his first assistant almost every day, who lives with him - and he's still printing in his 90's (hooray - hope I hold out that long!). In this neighborhood, we're still largely connected to the whole West Coast f/64 tradition - everybody seemingly knows somebody that
either worked with him, or they knew him personally, blah, blah .... I don't really care. But I do heartily recommend "Examples" as the best way to interpret what he meant in the basic manuals. And you won't
need to sell your soul at the crossroads like you would if you tried to understand Minor White.