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Well he was right on both counts.
That IS what Bokeh is.
And HE thought it was cool.
Well, bokeh (or blurred highlights) can be cool if you plan it into the composition, hopefully at the time of taking the photo but certainly when making the final print. That assumes that the photographer has some idea how to create bokeh when he wants it. That does not mean that you open your aperture all the way then hope that every highlight beyond field of focus turns into sea of donuts.

If you want to have a sea of donuts, MAKE a sea of donuts. Don't just shoot fifty frames them delete forty nine, hoping to get the one shot with the most donutty goodness.

Stop and think for a second and you might realize that, if you try, you might be able to make an angelic halo appear over somebody's head. Now, THAT would be cool bokeh! You didn't even have to use Photoshop to do it.

Maybe, someday, it might be fun to tinker but I'm not about to spend a boatload of money on a lens just for making donuts.

P.S. The guy's picture was not a sea of donuts. Just one or two annular highlights in the background. I just said that as an example.