I suspect he did. But you'd have to ask someone who worked with him. I never knew the guy. The only
retrospective I ever split with him was set up by some museum types late in his life, and he passed away before it actually showed. But per the nitpicky aspects of semantics, I'd infer that it would have
been virtually impossible for him, or anyone else working in an analogous manner, to visualize density
and development options in the field not to "previsualize" the intended effect in specific print values as
well. There were at that time just so many paper types available, mostly graded... And I don't think one
has to impute a specific density value to a specific zone designation for this to equate to the same
general concept. No Zone system model is that inflexible, despite the omniscient dictatorial notions of
Minor White. ...who probably didn't adhere to his own rules that well either.