That is essentially what I am pondering now. I've spoken to a few technicians, and while I don't have concrete info until I take the camera in somewhere, it sounds like it is unlikely to be a terminal problem. However, the cost of the full CLA + new mirror + new screen is making me wonder if I'm in the financial position to meaningfully support two medium format systems. I love the Rolleiflex, but I don't think I can choose it over the Hasselblad, if only for reasons of versatility. I almost wish I hadn't recently come into the 'blad, just so the decision to go all in on the Rolleiflex wouldn't be so hard!

I'll spend the weekend hand-holding the Hasselblad and continue to explore the repair options for the Rolleiflex. The idea of seeing it restored and functioning perfectly is very appealing... I suspect I will end up shelving it for a month or two and setting aside the funds, because it would be sad to see it go.