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Not to mean to beat this thread to death, but there's still a disconnect I'm not getting here. According to StoneNYC, Rodinal at 1/100 gives more grain than the standard recommended dilutions (which are unacceptable). Now, Microdol straight is said to be a grainy mess pf a developer, yet 1/3 is the nectar of the gods on grain, sharpness, tonal range, film speed... So why does Rodinal go grainy when superdiluted and Microdol goes finer? All this brings me to my point in question. How would D-76 do as the hour-long forget-about-it method? I'm only guessing, not knowing the Rodinal formula, but I speculate it's probably something akin to D-76. So what would D-76 do as this lazy trick for all films, if you diluted it a bunch too?
Remember I've ONLY used C-41 films in Rodinal 1:100, and only SEEN others post images that appear from far away to have more gain but I can't be sure as no one ever posts the full image just a smaller web-ready version of the image, so I have nothing to compare, I'm strictly talking about the C-41 appearing more grainy. but the tones are super nice. I think you are pixel peeping a bit honestly, any modern film from kodak or Ilford will not have any super terrible grain the way old tri-x used to have ... totally different films.. I can't speak for the other film companies I haven't played enough with their films.