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However, the cost of the full CLA + new mirror + new screen is making me wonder if I'm in the financial position to meaningfully support two medium format systems. I love the Rolleiflex, but I don't think I can choose it over the Hasselblad, if only for reasons of versatility. I almost wish I hadn't recently come into the 'blad, just so the decision to go all in on the Rolleiflex wouldn't be so hard!
There are similarities between the "aging" process for both cameras and people, how do you keep them vital and relevant as they age. In your financial analysis, think of what you might sink into the Rollei as a pre-payment on another 40 years of usage. Right now it is probably 60 years or so old, so the CLA and repairs are like a visit to the "fountain of Youth" for the Rollei.

You do have some decisions and choices, and your choice of the "Blad in the first place had merit, but the Rollei has cornered you into a financial balancing act of "what to do?".

Decisions, decisions................

FL Guy