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OK, now it's officially out of hand– the Council has been invoked. Put your hats in your laps and act like you're just petting the nice shaggy puppy. Don't, under any circumstances, mention the decoder rings.

And John, you are always welcome in CT. We even let people from NJ come occasionally. That thing about a wall around New England is only a myth–or a fond dream, as the case may be. I, myself, having retreated north to MA for the last 40 years, am allowed to come back summers as long as I don't speak with a Baaaston accent.
Yea most of the walls are made of stone (not me) that the property owners used to designate their property lines, but they are dead and gone... but the walls are really good for B&W hmm maybe I'll do a book of New England Walls

So Council is just another name for Admin except it's to make them feel special... but really it's a trick to make them do free work... hehe